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Introduction :

Mrs Maitreyee Sarcar, H F (Honorary Fellow of Wolverhampton University), F R S A, my wife and I launched the Surtarang radio show in April 2007 on WCR FM - the Voice of Wolverhampton on 101.8. Since April 2010 WCR was known as the Wolverhampton City Radio 101.8 FM. Surtarang was broadcast between 7 and 8 pm every Wednesday and later the day was switched to Sunday at 6 pm.

Surtarang joined The City Radio, the online radio (www.liveinthecity.co.uk) on 24 February 2014 following a re-structuring of the WCR FM. On 2nd June 2014 The City Radio changed its name to Gorgeous Radio and Gorgeous Xtra. Surtarang was part of Gorgeous Xtra because of its unique character as a promoter of Indian classical music.

With effect from Thursday 4th September Surtarang will be on Gorgeous Radio Live instead of Gorgeous Extra. The times have also changed. It will be from 7 to 9 pm (GMT) instead of 5 to 7 pm (GMT).

Surtarang shares the Indian classical music, both from north and south India as well as from Pakistan, with people all over the world through the Internet. Surtarang is a voluntary organisation. It is a non-profit-making and non-commercial venture by a husband and wife team assisted by some friends.

Surtarang’s main objective is to promote pure Indian classical music, both North Indian and Carnatic throughout the world and share pure joy and peace with its followers all over the world.

WCR was formed primarily for the benefit of the people of Wolverhampton but it was also available to the people in areas surrounding the city as well as to people all over the world via the Internet (www.wcrfm.com). Initially we did it on behalf of Surdhwani because we were running Surdhwani at that time. I was the Chief Executive (1987 - 2008) and my wife was the General Secretary (1987 – 2003) and the Company Secretary (2003 - 2010) but since we stepped down from Surdhwani we did it totally independently and as volunteers without any financial or commercial motivation whatsoever.

It is a husband and wife initiative. I look after the production, in particular the technical aspect of Surtarang while my wife looks after the administration e.g. marketing and publicity through emails, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Orkut etc.

Surtarang was built and registered as www.surtarang.co.uk, administered and hosted with the help from Mr Vineet Chugh of ATIS IT Consultancy. In course of time Mrs Gnana Prasuna from Chennai kindly offered to assist Surtarang in producing the Surtarang11, the YouTube clips. We are most grateful to both Mr Vineet Chugh and Mrs Gnana Prasuna (from Chennai) for their generous support.

Further information is available from our website: www.surtarang.co.uk

Sistachar Sarcar
01 Sep 2014
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