Taking raga music across the world
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Surtarang radio programme was initiated, designed and produced by Mr Sistachar Sarcar, the former Chief Executive of Surdhwani. The show started from 4 April 2007. Mr Sistachar Sarcar and Mrs Maitreyee Sarcar, the husband and wife team has been presenting the show since its inception as volunteers. Surtarang means "Wave of Melody". Indian classical music is spiritually uplifting and is known to possess some therapeutic properties with regard to mental stress and strain.

"Our mission is to share Indian classical music with the people of Wolverhampton and the wider world and share the peace and joy with all our listeners."

Vision :

Our vision is to bring joy and peace to the people of Wolverhampton and all our listeners through Indian classical music and hope that true joy and peace which emanate from God alone will reach every heart eventually.

Aims and Objectives :
  • To share the best of the Indian classical and semi-classical music with the people of Wolverhampton.
  • To educate
  • To offer platform to new talents.
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