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We are on YouTube now : "Surtarang11"

An exciting new YouTube Channel called "Surtarang11" has been created by Mr & Mrs Sarcar to show highlights of the Surtarang shows on Wolverhampton City Radio - 101.8 WCR FM starting from 9th November 2011. The date was chosen to commemorate the concert by the legendary sarod maestro late Dr Ali Akbar Khan who performed for Surdhwani in Wolverhampton on that date.

The Channel will show clips to highlight selected tracks from Surtarang shows from time to time. Visual imges are added to the clips to make the tracks much more live and enjoyable. Both the listeners of Surtarang radio shows and the performers of the highlighted tracks will be benefited from these clips.

The following clips have already been produced:
  1. Late Dr Ali Akbar Khan - 9th November 2011
  2. Late Bidushi Sipra Bose - 9th November 2011
  3. Professor Subroto Roy Chowdhury - 16 November 2011
  4. Ramneek Singh - 16 November 2011
  5. Pandit Ashok Pathak - 23rd November 2011
  6. Alif Laila - 14th December 2011
  7. Late Dr Ali Akbar Khan - 14th December 2011
  8. Aravind Bhargav - 28th December 2011
  9. Sourabh Goho - 28th December 2011
Many more to follow ....

They are unmissable!

We are very grateful to Mrs Gnana Prasuna, a Carnatic vocalist and a music teacher from Chennai for her voluntary services to Surtarang to help with the production of the clips for the channel.
  • To share the best of the Indian classical and semi-classical music with the people of Wolverhampton.
  • To educate
  • To offer platform to new talents.
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